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GM Business Community Membership Launched by GM Chamber of Commerce

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is offering all businesses who are not currently Chamber members free access to its GM Business Community. Powered by the GM Chamber this initiative will allow non-members free access to the network and support of the largest Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

The GM Business Community was set up in April 2020 to give non-members free access to the network and support of the largest Chamber of Commerce in the UK, with over 800 businesses now signed up.

Lucy Mulligan, Head of Membership at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, said: “We launched the Community as the coronavirus hit the local economy because we wanted to reach out to those businesses who were not members of the Chamber.

“The response to this initiative has been fantastic and shows how much businesses want to work together during these difficult times.”

Membership of the GM Business Community includes:

  • An update on the evolving situation, three times a week – including up-to-date information on business support options from the Government, the Chamber and its members.

  • Access to MyGMCR – a mobile app where businesses can connect with and direct message fellow business users.

  • Access to any digital events hosted by the Chamber during this time.

  • Access to online training and workforce planning.

  • Complimentary token to access one of the Chamber’s local networking events, free of charge, once the coronavirus lockdown is over.

  • Access to an exclusive online group where you can network with, connect with and support other GM Business Community participants.

To be eligible to join the GM Business Community, you must be a registered business, based in Greater Manchester and not have an existing membership or Partnership with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

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