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What is a Network Vulnerability Assessment? Why does my business need one?

A Network Vulnerability Assessment is a process of identifying existing weaknesses within your network. It can be host-based, network-based, wireless, application, or within your database. Hackers work on an economy of scale, and finding a low-hanging fruit is the holy grail for an attacker. An unpatched or legacy software on a network can open the door to the entire organisation, and it's often easy to exploit. Because it's easy to scan and find these vulnerabilities, you must find these before the hackers exploit them and keep on top of your organisation's vulnerability management.

Our Network Vulnerability Assessment scans and reviews your internal networks and systems, looking for weaknesses such as poorly maintained or designed systems, out-of-date services, insecure access controls, or opportunities to access and steal sensitive data.

Does my business need a Network Vulnerability Assessment?

Regardless of its size, any organisation can benefit from this service, but it's generally medium to large enterprises that will benefit the most from a Network Vulnerability Assessment.

💡Note: Cyber Essentials Plus scheme requires a vulnerability assessment as part of the certification process.

How often does a business need a Network Vulnerability Assessment?

Any new feature or new tool may come to a security hole. By completing a regular assessment, you can ensure your network is protected. Whether it's monthly or quarterly depends on your board's risk assessment.

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What is the process of a Network Vulnerability Assessment?

The process starts with client engagement and understanding your concerns and requirements. We must first establish the client's requirements at a higher level. Next, we would discuss any compliance or cyber insurance concerns and what communication is needed (making sure everything within the process is explained in plain English.)

The next step is to scope the assessment. At this stage, we would normally need to talk to your IT staff to scope the project and assess any required permissions. Once the scope is agreed upon, we can move on to the assessment.

During a Network Vulnerability Assessment, we are in regular contact and should anything critical be discovered; we will work with you immediately to address any concerns.

Our final report is delivered into two digestible sections. The first part covers a high-level overview of findings designed to allow senior risk holders to understand the report's findings. This also includes the next steps they need to take to address our findings.

The second report section is filled with more technical details, covering the techniques used and their outcomes, guidance, and a full technical action plan for what to do next.

How long does a Network Vulnerability Assessment take?

This highly depends on the size and scope of the project. We're able to confirm the duration after scoping the project with you.

Will a Network Vulnerability Assessment affect our normal business operations?

When scoping the project, we analyse and plan to avoid any disruptions. We use weekends or evenings if necessary to avoid high traffic hours. There will not be any disruptions unless we advise you in advance and both parties are agreed on that.

💡Note: Outsourced IT management/contractors are not necessarily responsible for the infrastructure's security. Our objectives and tooling are different, and we work hand in hand with IT specialists to address the security side of their operation.

Interested in learning more about a Network Vulnerability Assessment? Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can ensure your business is secure from cyber-attacks.


How can we support your business?

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Training your employees on what a phishing attack looks like makes them more likely to identify and report scams.

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Our training package is designed and delivered by cyber experts giving you access to the most up-to-date information in an ever-changing cyber landscape.

You can purchase single-place training spots or a cyber security workshop.

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Our premium membership package is aimed at medium-sized businesses and includes bespoke security awareness training sessions.


This allows your business to train several cyber security champions and an assessment of your cyber risk. 

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