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The North West Cyber Resilience Centre Welcomes its 2021 Cohort of New Students

'This is one of the most exciting times of the year as new students join us at the centre'

Senior Cyber Security Consultant MJ is looking forward to welcoming the centre’s new cohort of students; this new group is currently studying at four different Universities in the North West.

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre welcomed 10 students who all are studying for degrees in various computer science subjects, from cyber security to software engineering.

“This is one of the most exciting times of the year as new students join us at the centre,” said MJ. “Taking on a new cohort of students allows us to scale up the services we offer to businesses across the North West.”

Throughout their time with the Cyber Resilience Centre, students are taken through a series of masterclasses which sets them up to help deliver the range of services that the centre offers”.

Working for the centre allows students to gain real-world, paid, relevant, on-the-job experience in cybersecurity. Students put into practice the knowledge they’re gaining at university and learn new skills to prepare them for work after gaining their degree, with all work supervised by experienced professionals and seconded police officers.

Neil Jones welcomes a new cohort of students to the Cyber Resilience Centre
Neil Jones, Grace Hulse, Patrick Ettore and MJ welcome a new cohort of students to the Cyber Resilience Centre

Luke Greenhough (pictured), came to the centre from the University of Central Lancashire and is studying for a degree in Professional Policing with Cyber Crime.

“The reason I took a big interest in the Cyber Resilience Centre and applied was down to the ability to develop upon the new skills that I’ve learnt from my university course.”

“I feel that attaining this experience and developing new skills will help me gain an advantage over my fellow students as I can see how these skills would help me in the working environment. Working alongside colleagues with lots of experience to share with myself and other Junior Ethical Hackers will help me when I graduate, and I’ll already have relevant work experience to head down a career path in policing.”

Robert Woolvin is studying Computer Science with Cyber Security at The University of Salford and hopes to go on to work in DevSecOps.

“I feel by joining the Cyber Resilience Centre; my career development has taken a significant step in the right direction. Cyber security can be a mystifying topic to understand, and I aim to help simplify, explain and guide businesses in the North West on how to protect themselves from online threats.”

“Once I have graduated, I want to further my career in either a DevSecOps or Penetration Testing role. The experience I am gaining, through my degree and with the Cyber Resilience Centre, has given me the confidence and knowledge that will contribute to fulfilling this goal.”

Adeola Adewumi is studying for her MSc in Cyber Security at the University of Salford.

“I have always been passionate about helping businesses protect themselves from cyber-attacks. The Cyber Resilience Centre is the perfect place for me to learn how to help local businesses whilst improving my technical skills and completing my degree at university. Once I graduate, I aim to become a cybersecurity consultant focusing on penetration testing.”

“Our relationship with the universities in the region is very important to us as a centre as we expand our services across the whole North West region to support SMEs in Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and Greater Manchester”. Director of the Cyber Resilience Centre Neil Jones

Our student development programme is perfect for students with a keen interest in cyber security and related disciplines who want to help local SMEs become more cyber secure. Students leave with a fantastic degree and highly sought-after experience, working alongside law enforcement agencies and private sector clients. Many go on to gain employment with companies in some of the best graduate positions across the UK.”

You can learn more about our skills development program here.

We want to encourage any students studying cyber security at any North West university to join our Student Chapter. The chapter brings together a community of cybersecurity students by engaging with the region’s leading cyber professionals. Joining the chapter will help improve your knowledge and develop skills that will help you find your first job after graduation.


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