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The Cyber Resilience Centre Welcomes Dan Giannasi as new Head of Cyber & Innovation

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre (NWCRC) is delighted to welcome our new Head of Cyber & Innovation, Dan Giannasi.

Detective Inspector Dan Giannasi

Dan Giannasi, who joins after serving for 15 years with Greater Manchester Police and the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit (NWROCU), has signed on as the new Head of Cyber & Innovation.

Dan will work closely with the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit’s new Head of Fraud and Cybercrime, Chris Maddocks. Their role will include supporting all five police forces in the North West in providing accessible, consistent, government-backed support and training to businesses of all sizes across the North West.

Dan brings over 15 of experience to the table, having worked across a diverse range of investigative roles, including public protection, digital investigations and cybercrime.

Dan says, "My passion for Cyber Crime came from having a passion for technology. Working in cybercrime, I have managed investigations and developed connections across forces across the UK.”

"I hope to see businesses across the region improve cyber awareness and grow their resilience to the latest online crimes. I am proud to be from the region, it’s a unique ecosystem and I’m looking forward to leading the Cyber Resilience Centre.“

“This role allows me to help businesses recover from cybercrime – as well as being able to put the right security measures in place to prevent further attacks. Working alongside the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, we will protect the North West from serious and organised criminals."

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre is part of the wider Cyber Resilience Centres network established across the UK. Each centre's support and services are focused on helping SMEs and creating a national talent pipeline.

2022 is proving to be an exciting year of growth for the Cyber Resilience Centre, after the launch of our Funded Cyber Security Programme for business in Greater Manchester, with plans to expand this support into Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire and Cumbria in the next 18 months.

Niomie Haynes and DI Dan Giannasi
Pictured: Niomie Haynes, Client Relationship Manager and DI Dan Giannasi, Head of Cyber and Innovation

Joining Dan in being welcomed into the Cyber Resilience Centre this summer is Niomie Haynes as our new Client Relationship Manager. Niomie brings a wealth of experience to the centre, having previously worked as Team Manager for the Fraud Prevention Team at The Very Group.

“I am thrilled to join such a unique venture between the Cyber Resilience Centre and the North West Organised Crime team in helping businesses across the north-west become more cyber resilient. I have seen first-hand the impacts Cyber crime can have on companies and individuals, and I feel passionate about supporting others to help them protect their businesses.

Cybercrime is ever-evolving, and educating ourselves and our staff will be critical to future-proofing regional businesses. We are proud to work with university students from the North West, giving them valuable skills and experience for their future, which will benefit the region's cyber resilience. This makes us unique in our approach but accessible to all businesses that need us no matter how small."

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