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Business Resilience Program

Greater Manchester Police provided funding for this programme to provide security support for small businesses in Greater Manchester.

What is this program? What are the benefits?

The Business Resilience Program is Police funded support for small businesses, making sure your business is secure. Our training and guidance will protect your business, your data and your assets.

  • This is a Police backed scheme to prevent small businesses in Greater Manchester from becoming victims of cybercrime and suffering significant financial loss.

  • Cybercrime affects over 38% of small businesses each month, at an average cost of £8,450.

  • Police forces across the North West are seeing cyber attacks on small businesses doubling month on month.

  • Join this scheme today to secure the future of your business and learn how to take direct action. 

  • Places for this program are based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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Places for this programme have all been claimed -

it is now closed.

Who is this program for?

This Business Resilience Program is for any Greater Manchester based SME, whether you have a small office and multiple devices or you run your business from your home office.


A cyber attack can affect any business, regardless of its size, its location or its maturity. 

What's included?

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01 / Business Starter Membership 

This 12 month membership includes Security Awareness Training (for two members of staff). This ensures your staff are the strongest defence against cyber attacks by equipping them with the information they need to identify, report and stop any attempts before any damage can be done.

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02 / Cyber Security Policy & Procedure Templates

Ensure your business has the most recent cybersecurity policies and procedures in place using our templates. They are designed by our Cyber Security Consultants and will help staff ensure your business has clear security strategies and can respond efficiently if an incident occurs. 

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03 / 1-2-1 Security Consultation

This 1-2-1 consultation (up to 1 hour) allows us to work with you to review what current security measures you have in place, answer any questions you have about cyber security and work with you to create a plan for how to monitor and secure your digital footprint. 

What are we asking from you?

The delivery of this programme is flexible and designed to fit around you and your schedule as a small business owner.

01 / Complete a 90 Minute Training Session

Commit to enrol (2 members of staff) on a Security Awareness Training session - this a 90-minute training course with sessions available at various times to suit you.

02 / 60 minute 1-2-1 consultation

Complete a complimentary 1-2-1 consultation with our Senior Cyber Security Consultant, so we can review your business needs and signpost you to the latest help and support.

03 / Help us Improve

Complete our feedback questionnaire to help us continually improve our program to ensure it delivers practical help and guidance which makes a difference to small businesses.

Places for this programme have all been claimed - it is now closed.

If you have any questions for the Cyber Resilience Centre, you can submit them below
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