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Cyber Security Guidance launched to support Construction Firms in the North West

Construction is the fifth most at-risk industry for a cyber attack. The sector was given a risk score of 39, higher than financial services, energy and government, according to the latest Cyber Readiness Report from Hiscox

Cybercriminals do not discriminate between small, medium and large construction firms. To help construction firms in the North West improve their cyber resilience, we’ve launched a dedicated support page, for the construction sector.

If you're looking to strengthen your resilience against cyber attacks we can provide a range of affordable, professional cyber security services that help your firm assess, build and manage your cyber security capabilities, build confidence in your staff, understand your vulnerabilities and secure your business.

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75% of construction and engineering firms have experienced a cyber-incident within the previous 12 months according to the Forrester survey (January 2020)

What security threats do construction firms face?

  • Not training staff - Many construction firms aren't training their team in the importance of cyber security. It's essential everyone on-site and in the office is given cybersecurity training to build resilience in your company.

  • Stolen Equipment - Aswell as expensive tools, the IT equipment and laptops held on site are a target for thieves, both for resale and especially if they store sensitive data related to a project.

  • Loss of Personal Data - Think about how you store personal data on a construction site. The details of individuals, their emergency contacts, and health and safety incident reports. Remember that this information is personal and covered by data protection legislation and should be protected accordingly.

  • Document Storage - Do you have a system in place to receive, track and store electronic and paper-based documents? This can be physical or digital (or a combination) and should control access to sensitive information, as well as maintain a ‘golden thread’ of information (quality and up-to-date information records throughout the asset lifecycle) that is critical to a project or business transaction.

  • Missing Risks - Having a risk assessment is a vital part of any construction project, and this should include cyber security risks (as well as health and safety).

Would your construction firm pass a Cyber Health Check? Our Cyber Health Check can help by giving you an action plan to help protect your firm and your clients against the latest cyber threats.


How can we support your business?

Phishing 292 x 219px.png

Raise your staff's awareness of phishing emails and guard your business against the growing trend of social-engineering threats.


Training your employees on what a phishing attack looks like makes them more likely to identify and report scams.

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Our training package is designed and delivered by cyber experts giving you access to the most up-to-date information in an ever-changing cyber landscape.

You can purchase single-place training spots or a cyber security workshop.

Community Members

Our premium membership package is aimed at medium-sized businesses and includes bespoke security awareness training sessions.


This allows your business to train several cyber security champions and an assessment of your cyber risk. 

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