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With cyber attacks on small businesses on the rise, it's important to protect your business, your data and your reputation. 

Attacks can be highly sophisticated and very hard to spot. Whilst insuring your business against any breaches is important, you should not forget the basics: raising company-wide awareness and training your staff. By empowering your staff to spot attempted attacks before they happen, you could potentially save thousands of pounds and reduce the risk of damaging your reputation and losing your business.

The importance of your staff being security aware and cyber resilient cannot be understated and this is why we've been offering free memberships and training to businesses across the region since 2019.

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre is a trusted, not-for-profit, police-led organisation. We provide education, testing and training to help businesses within our region protect themselves from online attacks.

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Services we offer to support small businesses


Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is used to prevent and mitigate the risk of cyber attackers tricking or scamming your staff. This training can be undertaken by individuals or whole teams and companies.


Website Vulnerability Assessment

A Web Vulnerability Assessment tests your IT system configuration using the same techniques hackers use to ensure your company is not open to cyber attacks.


Guidance for small businesses


Read our Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses here, or download it to share with you team as part of your mandatory cyber security training.

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