We provide a range of affordable, professional cyber security services that help you assess, build and manage your organisation’s cyber security capabilities, build confidence, understand your vulnerabilities and secure your business.


Our skilled Cyber Security Consultants work with you to understand your needs, working ethically alongside seconded Police officers to ensure you only invest in what is necessary,

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Digital Footprint Assessment

How dangerous is your online footprint?

Using minimal information, we employ the same techniques and tools used by hackers to help discover what information you expose online and how criminals might use this to launch attacks against your business.

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Vulnerability Assessment

How vulnerable is your website?

Essential for businesses with an online presence. Just as a network assessment is critical in ensuring a safe outer perimeter, a web application assessment is critical to ensure data processed through online services is handled securely.

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Vulnerability Assessment

How vulnerable are your devices and network to attack?

An essential service for small businesses, which tests your IT system configuration using the same techniques used by hackers to ensure your company is not wide open to a cyber attack.


Security Awareness Training

How do you spot common threats and protect your business?

A series of presentations are delivered by our ethical hacking team. Developed with Police, our training is tailored to those with no cyber knowledge through to technical teams and directors. 

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