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CySec Professionals Ltd announced as new regional ambassador

CySec Professionals Ltd has joined the NWCRC as a regional ambassador. Business owner, cyber security consultant and trainer Steven Cockcroft MSc will support the not-for-profit police-backed organisation with his broad experience of consulting and training delivery spanning multiple industries, market sectors and organisations of all sizes. 


DI Dan Giannasi, head of cyber and innovation at the NWCRC, said: “We’re happy to welcome CySec Professionals and Steven Cockcroft as a regional ambassador. His expertise will be invaluable to our organisation and drive forward our growth across the North West. 


“Steven has already worked alongside us for many years covering support provision to SMBs in Greater Manchester, training provision, social value creation and has more recently given talks to our Student Chapter so it’s fabulous to have him work with us in an official capacity.” 


Steven Cockcroft said: “I’m very pleased to join the NWCRC formally as a regional ambassador. The team has done a brilliant job over recent years in bringing improved cyber security risk management, cyber security awareness, as well as training and education, to small businesses across the North West, and I look forward to supporting the development and growth of the centre in a more formal capacity.”


Alongside cyber security training and accreditation, Steven has just launched the new DigitalTrust® Academy, which focuses on the concept of digital trust between an organisation and their customers as part of their cyber security. The academy offers a DigitalTrust® Professional (DTP®) Certification Scheme and DigitalTrust® Professional Pathways (DTPP®) offering a distinct pathway to learning.


The DigitalTrust® Academy training has already started for NWCRC Student Chapter members as well as CySec Professionals growing military and law-enforcement veterans’ communities.


CySec Professionals’ DigitalTrust® Academy has already sponsored Rochdale AFC Football in the Community Trust Sports School (Alternative Provision Programme) for 2023/24 season as it commences its corporate social responsibility activities.



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