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CYBERUK 2021: Takes place as a Virtual event on 11-12th May

The UK government’s flagship cyber security event has now been announced and will be held virtually on 11-12th May, giving everyone the chance to participate online.

  • The National Cyber Security Centre’s CYBERUK 2021 ONLINE is a two-day online event taking place on Tuesday/Wednesday 11th and 12th May.

  • Participants will have access to keynote speakers and panels featuring experts from around the globe.

CYBERUK 2021 ONLINE will be hosted on 11-12th May with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is a part of GCHQ.

This year, attendees can access the event from their home or workplace and get involved in the online forums as the event goes fully digital.

The virtual format means the majority of content is open to all – by reaching a wider audience than ever before as the NCSC continues its mission to make the UK the safest place to live and work online.

The theme for this year’s conference will be: ‘Building a resilient and prosperous digital UK following COVID-19’. The two-day event brings a mix of live keynotes and panels, as well as a selection of pre-recorded content from the NCSC and sponsors for participants to watch on their YouTube channel. In addition, participants can join with a live Q&A with some of the speakers on Twitter after key sessions.

A key date in the calendar for thought leaders in cyber security and technical professionals from the UK, past CYBERUK conferences have attracted thousands of delegates to discuss the UK’s cyber security and share vital information about the threat landscape.

“The virtual event will allow participants to access world-class expertise on the cyber landscape and discuss how the UK can continue to defend itself from online threats.

“CYBERUK is all about bringing together the cyber security community to learn from one another, and we look forward to hosting captivating talks and discussions that will help to keep us all safer in cyberspace.”

-Lindy Cameron, Chief Executive Officer of the NCSC

CYBERUK 2022 has now been announced, read more details here.


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