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Cyber Essentials – Does my business really need it?

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a Government-backed framework that can help your organisation to reassure customers that you take cyber security seriously and attract new business with the assurance that you have cyber security measures in place.

There are 2 levels of certification your organisation can achieve:

Cyber Essentials is an independently verified self-assessment covering 5 basic control measures, and all the self-assessment questions are available to download for free in advance. Starting at £300 this is a great entry point for any business that wants to demonstrate they take cybersecurity seriously.

Cyber Essentials Plus covers the same 5 basic control measures as the Cyber Essentials assessment. Still, a qualified assessor examines the same five controls, testing that they work through a technical audit. Cyber Essentials Plus is more expensive but provides a much greater level of assurance for both you and your customers.

Is Cyber Essentials right for my business?

Cyber Essentials is a nationally recognised certification and gives your partners, supply chain and customers reassurance that you take cybersecurity seriously and have measures in place to protect the sensitive data you store.

It is becoming increasingly common for Cyber Essentials to be a mandatory requirement for public, private and third-sector contracts, for example, if you want to work on a government contract handling personal or sensitive data or if you are a provider of further education. Likewise, some Ministry of Defence and Local Authority contracts now require Cyber Essentials Plus as a minimum standard.

The average cost of a cyberattack is £4,200 (medium and large businesses; the figure rises to £19,400), so not only does Cyber Essentials enhance your business’s security and provide you with peace of mind, but it could also save you a lot of money in the long run.

What are the benefits of Cyber Essentials to my business?

  • Demonstrates a professional approach to business and the importance of cyber security.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your data is protected and your security systems are robust, should a cyber-attack occur.

  • For further business opportunities, Cyber Essentials will enable you to tender for specific contracts.

  • Eligible for free cyber insurance cover which could save you up to £25,000.

  • Cyber Essentials certificates issued in the previous 12 months will be displayed on the NCSC website

  • Being certified will help new customers to trust you and allow you to stand out from competitors as a more credible company.

  • Gain a clear picture of your company's cyber security level using the self-assessment questionnaire.

NWCRC CE Benefits Factsheet General
Download PDF • 76KB

What about Cyber Essentials for Charities?

Where can I get Cyber Essentials certification?

The Cyber Resilience Centre has developed a group of Cyber Essentials Partners, Cyber Essentials Certification Bodies based in the North West. Our Cyber Essentials Partners have been certified by the IASME Consortium, which is the National Cyber Security Centre’s official Cyber Essentials Partner, to deliver Cyber Essentials certifications.

Cyber Essentials Partners of the NWCRC

Our Cyber Essentials Partners are here to guide you through the process and ensure you have the correct measuring in place to achieve your certification successfully. As partners of the Cyber Resilience Centre, they are your trusted resource, endorsed by Greater Manchester Police to help you ensure your business is protected.

If you want to secure your organisation and gain Cyber Essentials, please email the Cyber Resilience Centre or call us on 0161 7960940. You can also take a look at our Most Frequently Asked Questions about Cyber Essentials guide.


How can we support your business?

Phishing 292 x 219px.png

Raise your staff's awareness of phishing emails and guard your business against the growing trend of social-engineering threats.


Training your employees on what a phishing attack looks like makes them more likely to identify and report scams.

security awareness training.png

Our training package is designed and delivered by cyber experts giving you access to the most up-to-date information in an ever-changing cyber landscape.

You can purchase single-place training spots or a cyber security workshop.

Community Members

Our premium membership package is aimed at medium-sized businesses and includes bespoke security awareness training sessions.


This allows your business to train several cyber security champions and an assessment of your cyber risk. 

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