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Keeping your business secure when returning back to the office

With 7 in 10 workers now travelling to work at least once a week, we are all thinking about our hybrid workforce is going to look heading in 2022 and beyond. If any of your staff are heading back into the office (either part-time or full-time) it's important for you to remember to reinforce these cyber security basics. 

Whilst many large businesses are remaining cautious of returning to the office, the government in England is no longer asking staff to work from home, with many businesses having varying rules. It's important that your computer networks and work devices are all secure for staff who are working remotely, especially if employees are working across several devices. 

We've put together a handy guide with options for support from the Cyber Resilience Centre team - from upgrading your Cloud Security, implementing Working from Home Policies and arranging Cyber Awareness Training for your team.

For more cyber security guidance, download our Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses and our 'Remote Working is Everyday Working' guidance.

How can I Stay Secure in the Office?

passwords panic illustration

01 / Passwords

We all have old passwords and accounts that need updating. Don't forget to revisit any old passwords and change those which are most at-risk. 

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02 / Cloud Security

There are few things more important than sharing work documents remotely with colleagues and making sure you have a secure backup of your data in the cloud.

software updates

03 / Software Updates

Out-of-date software, apps, and operating systems contain weaknesses. This makes it easier to hack, especially if your employees aren't keeping them updated.

Do you have a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

We have created a Cyber Incident Response Pack, which contains documents to help support your organisation's plan for its response to a cyber incident.


These documents are designed to complement any existing plans or assist you in creating one. 

The Incident Response Pack includes:

  • Incident Guide Introduction

  • Prepare Your Business Checklist

  • Emergency Contact List Template

  • Incident Response Communications

  • Legal Implications of a Cyber Incident

Incident Response Guide Introduction
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