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Security Awareness Training

We provide affordable, professional cyber security services that help you assess, build and manage your organisation’s cyber security capabilities, build confidence, understand your vulnerabilities and secure your business.


Our skilled Cyber Security Consultants work with you to understand your needs, working ethically alongside seconded Police officers to ensure you only invest in what is necessary.

Security Awareness Training is used to prevent and mitigate the risk of your staff being tricked or scammed by cyber attackers.

Simulated Phishing Exercise

By training your employees on what a phishing attack looks like, they are more likely to identify and report scams.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

We can remotely review your connection in the same way as an attacker would perform reconnaissance, looking for potential weaknesses.

Website Vulnerability Assessment

This service tests your IT system configuration using the same techniques used by hackers to ensure your company is not wide open to a cyber attack.

Simulated Phishing Exercise

By training your employees on what a phishing attack looks like, they are more likely to identify and report scams.

Cyber Risk Exposure Assessment

Comprehensively evaluates your organisation's cybersecurity posture to identify potential cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

Digital Footprint Assessment

This provides you with a comprehensive review of publicly available information about an organisation.

Affordable, professional cyber security services for your business.

Our latest testimonials

"I’m grateful to Niomie and her colleagues for their support and guidance throughout, and I’m now a lot more conscious of Cyber Security as a whole."

- George Mounsey, 

Director, Jennings Seats

"The Cyber Resilience Centre gave us cyber security awareness training and ran a Vulnerability Assessment report on all sites to show where we needed to focus our vulnerabilities.


They had expert knowledge and their support through the whole process was very professional and all done in a timely manner."

- Heritage GB

"The Cyber Resilience Centre staff were professional and knowledgable and provided great 
support in delivering the services we required including the cyber risk assessment and simulated phishing campaign and report.

- Andy Broomhead, IT Director, Panthera Bio

"The Cyber Resilience Centre has supported us with campaigns and training sessions in the field of cyber security and risk management, and they have helped us build confidence in this area. They have also listened to feedback and worked with us to generate meaningful reports for our leadership team.  "

- St Ann's Hospice

"I wanted to test my staff including my IT support against phishing to be able to access the risk of it happening again. The cyber resilience centre were able to set up the phishing campaign really easily, once the campaign was completed the CRC spent some time with me explaining the report and helping me understand how to deal with the risk’s. Overall it was a really easy process for me but the results and importance of doing this will reduce our risk of being attacked again as that impact is huge."

- Headteacher, Local Primary School

Would your business pass a Cyber Health Check?

Our Cyber Health Check is an audit of your business strengths and vulnerabilities, helping to protect your business from the latest cyber threats by filling out a self-assessment questionnaire.

The results of this three-step questionnaire help us identify the next steps you need to take to make your business secure.


We'll provide a police-certified recommendations report and plan how we can protect your business going forward.

business couple with cyber health check
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