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The Cyber Resilience Centre are committed to supporting the manufacturing sector in the North West by offering a range of affordable cyber security services and guidance. 

The Cyber Resilience Centre supports the 15,000 manufacturers based across the North West in Cheshire, Cumbria, Liverpool, Manchester & more!


Did you know the UK Parliament says the manufacturing sector accounts for 9.2% of UK economic output?

  • According to Make UK, around half of manufacturers have been victims of cybercrime in the last 12 months.

Lathe Operators

What cyber threats does the
Manufacturing Sector face?

Car making factory

Industrial Control System (ICS) Attacks

ICSs are used to control and monitor industrial processes. Cybercriminals can target these systems to disrupt production or cause physical damage to equipment and machinery.

Blueprint plans

Intellectual Property Theft

Manufacturers often hold valuable IP such as designs, patents and trade secrets, which hackers for economic espionage can target.

Woman facing Ransomware attack


Ransomware attacks can lock manufacturers out of their computer systems and shut down production lines - with attackers demanding payment before restoring access. This can disrupt supply chains, cause financial losses and bring negative PR to your business.

Working in Front of Multiple Screens

Legacy System Vulnerabilities

Many manufacturing systems rely on legacy hardware and software that may not be updated with the latest security patches. As a result, these systems can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, especially if they are connected to the internet.

Supply Warehouse

Supply Chain Attacks

Hackers often target the manufacturing industry's supply chain to gain access to systems and data. This can be done by compromising suppliers' systems or by intercepting communications.

A male Asian developer working

Insider Threats

Disgruntled employees or contractors can threaten the manufacturing industry by stealing intellectual property or sabotaging systems.

Risk Scenario

Emily: Process Control Specialist


Emily works in a manufacturing plant and can access sensitive production data and industrial control systems. She often uses the plant's network to connect to these systems and frequently uses her laptop and mobile devices, which may not be secure or up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches.

  • Emily sometimes forgets to log out of her devices and leaves them unattended in public places, which increases the risk of unauthorised access to the plant's data and systems.

  • In addition, Emily uses weak passwords and sometimes reuses them across different accounts. She also does not use two-factor authentication, which could significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access to the plant's network and systems.

  • When working on the go, Emily always connects to the nearest public Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, these can be easily compromised by cybercriminals. This puts the plant's data and systems at risk of interception and theft.

Process Control Specialist

How can the Cyber Resilience Centre help you stay secure?

We can provide a range of affordable, professional cyber security services that help your manufacturing business assess, build and manage your cyber security capabilities, build confidence in your staff, understand your vulnerabilities and secure your business. 

You can also explore our Premium Membership, which includes a bespoke security awareness training program, allowing your business to train several cyber security champions and thoroughly assess your cyber risk.

Group training session

Security Awareness Training


Manufacturers regularly store, manage, and oversee valuable data from their suppliers and clients. You’re entrusted with sensitive business data; all your staff must know the latest cyber-related risks and cyber-attacks.

Looking at social media on phone

Secure your Digital Footprint

We can perform a comprehensive review of publicly available information about your business. This can help you learn what is being said about your company, what account details or passwords have been leaked or if there are any negative news stories or social media posts.

Servers with wiring

Vulnerability Assessments


You must test your IT system configuration with a vulnerability assessment; this assessment uses the same techniques used by hackers to ensure your company is not wide open to a cyber attack.

Cyber Health Check

Cyber Health Check

We have designed a Cyber Health Check to provide a summary of their cyber risks through a self-assessment questionnaire and police-certified recommendations report and action plan.

Do you have a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

We have created a Cyber Incident Response Pack, which contains documents to help support your organisation's plan for its response to a cyber incident.


These documents are designed to complement any existing plans or assist you in creating one. 

The Incident Response Pack includes:

  • Incident Guide Introduction

  • Prepare Your Business Checklist

  • Emergency Contact List Template

  • Incident Response Communications

  • Legal Implications of a Cyber Incident

Incident Response Guide

Prefer to speak to us in person?

If you'd prefer to call us and discuss the cyber security needs in your workplace,

we'd love to hear from you! 

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